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Editing you Website

Your website comes with a default look and feel, but this is just to get you started... you can edit every single detail of each page.

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Use the Template Editor to view and edit each of the files that make up your website. You can access the tempalte editor by going to "System > Web Templates" in the navigation menu.

What's that jiba jaba?

Each page in the theme is represented by a separate file in the theme editor. These files are made up of normal HTML spiced up with a simple markup language called DotLiquid, based on the famous liquid language used in Rails development.

DotLiquid will let you inject dynamic text coming from your account database and also will let you make structures which loop through sets of data, or that display a block of HTML based on a condition. For example, in the directory page, a list of all members in the space is displayed, with their names, pictures and professional skills. To build this page, we need to cycle (or best known as a loop) through a set of data representing each member in your account and, in each of these loop print the relevant name or display the right avatar image. DotLiquid will let us do all this.

I broke it, how can I go back?

Feel free to play as much as you want with your template, if you break it, you can always get the original version from our GitHub repository.

If opened an account before February 2017, the default files are available here

If opened an account on or after February 2017, the default files are available here

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