Welcome to the Designers Hub

The Nexudus Spaces Theme

Your Nexudus Spaces account comes with a website to help you promote your space and also let members of the space book resources, see what's on the space, pay their invoices and much more.

When you sign up, Spaces provides you with a baseline look and feel. This is good enought to get things started, but soon you will probably want to change it and make it more personal and match your brand.

This hub, provides information for those people willing to get their hands dirty and change the look and feel of the default theme.

How do I access the space website?

When you signed up, we asked you which URL would like to use for your space webiste. By default, we append ".spaces.nexudus.com" to that URL to create the full address of your space website. For example, if you chose "spaceplus" as your space URL, then the full address for your space website would be "http://spaceplus.spaces.nexudus.com".

This is so you can start using your space website straight away, but worry not!, you can use your own domain later on.

The fastest way of accessing your space website, is clicking on the "Space Website" button, on the top right-hand corner of the administration panel.

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