Custom Pages

What are custom pages?

Custom pages are any other pages you want to display in the space website. These pages are typically content pages, like a description of the space, a presentation for the team, a FAQs page or a place where members can download your printer drivers.

Content pages are written in the exact same way as built-in pages, but they usually have access to a limited set of data. For example, a custom page does not have access to the list of memebers in the space.

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To create a custom page, use the "Custom Files" node in the template editor tree. When creating a custom page, you will need to give it a name (ending with .htm, .js or .css) and specify the language in which it is written. When browsing the space website, only those custom pages in the visitor's language will be displayed.

You can make custom pages private so they are not displayed in the navigation bar and only visitors with the exact URL can visit them. You can also password protect custom pages.

By default, custom pages are displayed in the navigation menu, under the menu item with the name of the space.

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