About Page


Returns the data available on the about us page.

GET /en/about

Gets the data representing the about us page (see full JSON below)

GET /en/about (or any other langauge code registered in your account)
Parameters: none
  "Gallery": [
      "Name": "cover-example-2.jpg",
      "Description": "cover-example-2",
      "UseInGallery": true,
      "Url": "/images/cover-example-2.jpg",
      "Id": 20189170,
      "IdString": "20189170",
      "UpdatedOn": "2017-01-18T13:32:17",
      "CreatedOn": "2016-07-24T11:37:07",
      "UniqueId": "bf7345c5-d670-417c-a00e-ead429eed98c",
      "IsNull": false
  "ProfileTags": [
    "business planning and development",
    "financial services/accounting",
    "graphic / web design / ux / ui",
    "legal advice"

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